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Socket Testing Protocol Summary

The Lead-Free "Whac-A-Mole"
Ron Leckie, President, INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors

Ready to Start Measuring PCB Warpage
Ken Chiavone, John Davignon

PCB Dynamic Coplanarity at Elevated Temperatures
iNEMI SMT Coplanarity Workgroup
John Davignon, Ken Chiavone, Jiahui Pan, James Henzi, David Mendez, Ron Kulterman

Advanced Second Level Assembly Analysis Techniques - Troubleshooting Head-In-Pillow, Opens, and Shorts with Dual Full-Field 3D Surface Warpage Data Sets
As originally published in IPC APEX EXPO 2013 Proceedings
Ken Chiavone

Generalizations about Component Flatness at Elevated Temperature
As originally published in Toronto International Conference on Soldering and Reliability 2013
Bev Christian, Linda Galvis, Rick Shelley and Matthew Anthony

Double Reflow-Induced Brittle Interfacial Failures in Pb-free Ball Grid Array Solder Joints
As originally published in IPC APEX EXPO 2013 Proceedings
Julie Silk, George Wenger, Richard Coyle, Jon Goodbread, Andrew Giamis

Correlation of Solder Joint Reliability of µPGA Socket To Package Flatness and PCB Warpage
Dr. Paul P.E. Wang, Shlomo Novotny, Keith Graveling, Damian Hujic, Dr. Dereje Agonafer and Wonkee Ahn.

Comparing Techniques for Temperature-Dependent Warpage Measurement
Jiahui Pan, Ryan Curry, Neil Hubble, Dirk Zwemer

CSP Board Level Reliability - Results
H.J. Albrecht, G. Petzold, B. Schwarz, H. Teichmann

Thinking Globally, Measuring Locally
Patrick Hassell

Measurement of Thermally Induced Warpage of BGA Packages/Substrates Using Phase-Stepping Shadow Moiré
Yinyan Wang, Patrick Hassell

A Study on Package Stacking Process for Package-on-Package (PoP)
Akito Yoshida, Jun Taniguchi, Katsumasa Murata, Morihiro Kada, Yusuke Yamamoto, Yoshinori Takagi, Takeru Notomi, Asako Fujit

Effect of Printed Wiring Board Warpage on Ball grid Arrays over Temperature
Kyra Ewer and Jeffrey Seekatz

FEA Simulation and In-situ Warpage Monitoring of Laminated Package Molded with Green EMC Using Shadow Morie System
Zhao Baozong, Vivek Pai, Chinnu Brahateeswaran, Hu Guojun, Spencer Chew, Neephing Chin

Effect of Geometry and Temperature Cycle on the Reliability of WLCSP Solder Joints
Satish C. Chaparala, Brian D. Roggeman, James M. Pitarresi, Bahgat G. Sammakia, John Jackson, Garry Griffin, Tom McHugh

Advanced Warpage Characterization: Location and Type of Displacement can be Equally Important as Magnitude
Patrick Hassell

Survey of Circuit Board Warpage During Reflow
Michael J. Varnau

Measurement of Deformation and Strain in Flip Chip on BGA (FC-BGA)
L. Kehoe, V. Guenebaut, P.V. Kelly

Measuring board and component flatness
Patrick B. Hassell, Thomas E. Adams

New Package/Board Materials Technology for Next-Generation Convergent Microsystems
Nitesh Kumbhat, P. Markondeya Raj, Shubhra Bansal, Ravi Doraiswami, S. Bhattacharya and Rao Tummala

Quantitative Classification of Saw Marks of Silicon Wafers
A. Lawerenz, S. Dauwe, F.W. Schulze

Warpage Studies of HDI Test Vehicles
Gregory J. Petriccione, I. Charles Ume, Ph.D.

Traceability on the Line
Compiled by SMT

Shadow Moiré Enters Production
Kathleen McCray

Controlling bow and twist
Bob Willis

Elevated Temperature Measurements of Warpage of BGA Packages
David W. Garrett