TherMoiré PS200S

Flatness Measurement and Analysis System


The TherMoiré PS200S is a metrology solution that utilizes the shadow moiré measurement technique combined with automated phase-stepping to characterize out-of-plane displacement for samples up to 150 mm x 200 mm. With time-temperature profiling capability, the TherMoiré PS200S captures a complete history of a sample's behavior during a user-defined thermal excursion.

The combination of the shadow moiré technique and dynamic temperature profiling is the foundation of the patented TherMoiré platform. Dynamic profiling is the most effective approach to analyze mechanical behavior induced by real-world processes and operating environments. Using the TherMoiré PS200S, engineers will gain a better understanding of the interactions of materials, packages, substrates and complete assemblies, allowing for a thorough analysis of the system and improving its reliability and first pass yield performance. The PS200S is critical to helping meet the ever increasing interconnect and reliability requirements on both the device and substrate levels.

The PS200S is a laboratory solution designed for use in R&D, production and failure analysis/reliability applications such as:

  • Pb-Free processing implementation
  • Pre-production mechanical behavior qualification
  • Evaluation of different materials and constructions
  • Failure/defect analysis
  • Validation of computer modeling
  • Reflow profile optimization
  • Supplier performance and conformity monitoring
  • Evaluation of component-substrate seating plane interconnect

U.S. Patents issued: 5,601,364
U.S. Patents pending: 5,835,223 and 5,969,819