Akrometrix Studio 7.2 Software


Akrometrix Studio is an advanced set of integrated software modules that work together to provide the most comprehensive set of surface characterization and analysis capabilities available. When used with the TherMoiré AXP surface measurement system, Studio powers a set of modular metrology solutions that generate fast, comprehensive surface information characterizing a wide range of microelectronic components and assemblies. Studio enables the user to draw conclusions and make decisions using a variety of powerful graphical and analytical analyses.

Advanced thermal profiling performance combined with state-of-the-art metrology techniques including Shadow Moiré, Digital Fringe Projection (DFP) and Digital Image Correlation (DIC), deliver the next generation in accurate, affordable, and easy-to-implement automated flatness inspection solutions.

Akrometrix Studio Surface Measurement: <pOn-Demand Measurement capabilities


  • Run multiple phase image and 3D measurement results windows concurrently
  • View displacement graphs and data when data is acquired
  • Smooth phase images and re-render on the same screen
  • Analyze results after changing any variable
  • Compare measurements from multiple machines using built-in meta data

Enhanced set-up capabilities for thermal profiling

  • Show saturated and dark pixels for optimized image acquisition
  • Control Region of Interest (ROI) settings with precision
  • Continuously monitor sample environment with 'Live Camera'

Part Tracking:

Part Tracking is the revolutionary new feature in Surface Measurement which has the potential to reduce analysis time of multiple part runs by more than 90%. It is designed to find and track rectangular parts of a user defined size at room temperature and during a temperature profile.

Traditionally, if a part happened to shift or rotate during a thermal run, the user would need to spend many painstaking minutes manually partitioning and rotating the data such that the resulting displacement plots did not have any artifacts. With Part Tracking, all the resulting data at the end of a thermal run will be automatically partitioned and rotated to the same starting orientation, greatly speeding analysis time. Part Tracking even improves work flow and productivity when only one sample is tested and moves due to thermal expansion. The more samples tested at once, the more productivity will be improved.

Figure 1. Part Tracking in Action. 3 parts have been found and plotted automatically. No user cropping or masking required.

Akrometrix Studio Surface Analysis: 

Freedom to analyze and compare 2D and 3D data sets

  • Control multiple graphs on-screen at once
  • Automated output of Edge, Diagonal, 2D, and 3D Displacement plots
  • Mask areas and burn masks permanently into phase images
  • Calculate one displacement data set relative to another
  • Export data for further analysis into computational applications such as ANSYS and MATLAB

Multiple Chord Plot Analyses

  • Draw chord lines across phase images at any angle
  • Plot multiple displacement lines on a single graph
  • Create and save/load multiple chord sets

Advanced 3D Rendering

  • View up to 2 million displacement data points on each graph
  • 4X the detail of previous graphical renderings; previously hidden surface features are now visible
  • Zoom, rotate, crop and export 3D displacement graphs in multiple formats

Powerful Batch Processing

  • Apply masks, filters, chords, rotation and other operations to hundreds of phase data sets
  • Multiple output and export options for graphical and analytical analyses

Akrometrix Studio Profile Generator:

  • Create thermal profiles graphically; 'click' to add temperature points and actions
  • Assign ramp rates, soak times and cool down periods using numerical settings
  • Set machine control action points by clicking on profile segments
    • Measurement points (capturing phase images)
    • Blower on/off points
    • Exhaust on/off points
  • Export profiles as tables or graphs
  • Save/load profiles for editing and customizing

Studio Ergonomics and Ease-of-use:

  • Studio Manager taskbar organizes complex and powerful software modules
  • Operators can now move windows of information to where it is most useful
  • Multiple results can be viewed and compared side-by-side
  • Context-sensitive menus:
    • Right-click in windows for context menus
    • Configure settings with in-window selections
    • Movable acquisition and results windows

Akrometrix Studio Modularity and Expandability:

Core modules installed on each TherMoiré AXP powered by Studio Software include:

  • Studio Manager - Application that provides organization for launching and switching between all Studio modules.
  • Profile Generator - Application that allows thermal cycle profile creation using a mouse or numerical rates with machine control
  • Surface Measurement - Updated TherMoiré software application used for ROI set-up and on-demand measurements
  • Surface Analysis - Updated Fringe Analysis software application that features multiple 3D windows, relative analysis and user-defined chords
  • Report Generator - Application for creating custom-formatted reports for presenting data and results in multiple application formats

Optional Modules include:

  • DIC Surface Measurement - Optional software module utilized for capturing stereo images for processing in VIC 3D.
  • DFP Surface Measurement - Optional software module for capturing 2 million data points within a 64 mm x 48 mm field of view.